The procedure consists of 46 Step by Step requirements that Tranz Vanz Pty Ltd will walk the client through.  If the client adheres to these steps, the movement of their R.V. should be trouble free.

The Tranz Vanz check list is designed to cover all aspects so the client should not be subjected to any extra costs by diversion.  The onus will be back on the R.V. Owner, if they falter from our check list and if extra costs occur, they will be easily identifiable as their error and liability.




Australian and New Zealand are signatories to an Internationally recognised Document, “Carnet de Passage en Douane” (CPD) Carnet, which basically is a passport for your R.V. including tow vehicle for a Caravan.


At the Country of Origin, the CPD Carnet is raised and covers the Vehicle for a period of up to 12 months from the date of issue.  The CPD Carnet provides the respective country of Import, a guarantee for the payment of Duty and Goods and Service Tax (GST), should the vehicle not be exported within the specified temporary importation period.  A CPD Carnet is valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.


The CPD Carnet associated Bond for the value of the equivalent of the GST and Duty (if applicable) can be secured by:

Cash Bond

Bankers Letter of Indemnity

Insurance Policy


The security is refunded/released after the CPD Carnet is returned to the issuing Organisation.


Once the Security is issued, the client will confirm this to ourselves and we will confirm the advance dated vessel booking to New Zealand or Australia.


At this point, our 46 step by step check list will activate including close contact between the client and TRANZ VANZ to ensure all of the procedures have been completed.


Herewith are some examples of the 46 step process

  • Prepare the R.V. for the stringent Shipping Line Rules to what can be contained within the Vehicle whilst in transit on the Vessel.

  • Prepare the Vehicle for the Touring Country’s Customs and Quarantine Authorities.

  • Pre-Mechanical Check on the Vehicle prior to Export to ensure the vehicle will comply for respective “On Road” Safety Checks.

  • Marine Insurance Cover (To NZ and back to Australia via C.O.V.I.)

  • Suspend the Domestic Insurance Cover of the Country of Origin.

  • Ensure the Vehicle has an up to date (12 Month) Registration cover at the Country of Origin.

  • Domestic Insurance Cover activated as soon as the Vehicle arrives in the Touring Country (NZ – Covi and for Australia – Ken Tame Pty Ltd).

  • Equivalent of the VTNZ check/compliance completed on arrival at New Zealand or Australia.

  • NZ – ACC cover and for Diesel Motors – Road Tax Compliance.

  • Membership completed (compulsory) with the CMCA or NZMCA.

  • Self Containment Certification with the understanding of, “Leave No Trace” LNT.

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