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  • Never forget the height of your vehicle, especially when you park under trees or shelters.

  • Be careful when a truck passes by you, the "slap" is experienced much more in a motorhome.

  • Let the traffic behind you go past only if you have a safe place to pull over.

  • When you fill up with fresh water, don’t forget to empty the waste water at the same time even if the tank is not full.

  • When you use a motorhome, it is important to be responsible and to adopt good behaviours when you empty your toilet and wastewater. You should always use the WWTP provided for this purpose.
    This is very important for New Zealand’s environment.

  • When driving in Australia, there can be quite large distances to travel between major tourist destinations, which are part of the experience. Some roads allow for larger distances to be travelled in a day, however ensure you plan enough time to experience what Australia has to offer and obey all road rules.

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